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Paul Pierce Loses ESPN Gig After Broadcasting Grim Men’s Evening

Screenshot via Instagram

Former Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce has spent the last few years working as an NBA analyst on various ESPN studio shows, but according to multiple reports, he will no longer be doing that. ESPN hasn't commented directly on why it's cutting ties with Pierce, but given the timing there can only be one reason: Pierce had too good of a time with the fellas on Friday night.

At some point on Friday night, Pierce fired up Instagram and treated his followers to a live video feed of what appears to have been Poker and Strippers Night at his house. The full broadcast has been clipped and compiled in various places, but you can get a good sense of the vibe of the function from this short highlight:

Why did Paul Pierce do this? It's certainly fair to assume that his mind was under the effects of various substances when he decided to fire up the livestream. Or maybe he was totally clear-headed, and just wanted to show all of his friends and fans how much fun it is to be 43 years old, array a dozen or so office chairs in your cavernous foyer, and sullenly play a few hands of poker while a handful of women mill around and dance. Whatever the cause, Pierce doesn't seem too bothered by the consequences:

If nothing else, you have to respect Pierce for laughing this off rather begging for forgiveness, or throwing some fit about how ESPN has treated him unfairly. Pierce made $195 million in career NBA earnings, and seems to understand something that far too few public figures are able to grasp these days: He's too rich to get upset about anything.

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