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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Roma Teen Pretending He Scored A Goal

Afena-Gyan celebrating in front of ref.
Screenshot: CBS Sports

During stoppage time of Roma's 2-0 win over Serie A bottom-dweller Spezia yesterday, 18-year-old Felix Afena-Gyan went from celebrating a goal to getting a scolding from a very annoyed José Mourinho in the span of a minute.

In the 93rd minute, Afena-Gyan clearly used his arm to settle the ball in the box, setting up a goal. It was immediately ruled a handball, but Afena-Gyan either somehow missed the call as he ran toward the sideline where the ref was raising his arm or he pretended he missed the call in order to bask in the glory of his goal. (Who can blame him, really?) The ref then ruled the intentional handball a yellow, Afena-Gyan's second of the game, and he was sent off—all while Mourinho yelled and gestured wildly on the sideline.

After the game, Mourinho declined to address the refereeing and focused on his side: "We are a bit of a naive team, we are certainly not aggressive, and yet we still have this tally of yellow cards."

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