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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Florida Man Defeating A Gator With A Trash Can

Gators: Apparently, they're everywhere down in Florida. They're patrolling the edges of the swamps. They're playing football in Gainesville. And they're also, at least on this occasion, trying to strong-arm their way into a dinner party invite.

The Sports Highlight Of The Day spotlights a man in Mount Dora named Eugene Bozzi, who did something that should be familiar to anyone who remembers the 2016 Citrus Bowl: He put a gator in the trash.

While I cannot recommend trying this outside your own home, it's still the coolest shit. Observe the fear on that alligator's face as it stares into the encroaching abyss. Take note of the footwear our hero is sporting. And listen to that satisfying bonk as the lid smacks the gator on the noggin.

Bozzi told the New York Post that the use of the trash can "was spur of the moment thinking,” and that he hoped the gator would see it as a giant mouth.

"I watch a lot of ‘Animal Planet’ videos, and he’s going to think that I’m like a hippo or something,” he said.

But the story doesn't quite end with the above video. WESH in Orlando has the full-length footage, which includes Bozzi rolling the bin to a safe place and tipping it over so the extremely confused reptile can go roam free somewhere else.

See you later, alligator.

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