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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Aussie Rugby Dude Rescuing A Stuck Sheep

Nick Cummins, I have learned just now, is an Australian former rugby star nicknamed "the Honey Badger" for his rugby ferocity or whatever. He recorded 19, ah, "tries" (?) in his eight-year professional rugby career, a number of tries, or rate of trying, that is either impressive or not impressive or bad. All of this is to demonstrate that he is a sportsperson. He also starred in one season of the Australian version of the reality show The Bachelor.

It is with the deepest of respect and reverence for the various rugby teams and leagues that have employed Nick Cummins, as well as the noble sport of rugby, that I now say: Enough of that shit! Here is Nick Cummins rescuing a ram that got its horns stuck in a barbed-wire fence beside a road in some stunningly gorgeous countryside:

Look at him hoist that dang sheep and swing him over the fence to safety. What strength! And that is all after first choosing to help the stuck and violently panicking sheep, and then delicately extricating the stuck fellow's horns from the treacherous fence. So we are talking about strength of character as well as strength of muscle, here.

I always liked that Nick Cummins! I always knew he was a good lad. He is whatever the Australian equivalent of a clump dog is. A chunk wallaby.

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