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The Ottawa Senators Have Drop-Kicked Yet Another Adversary Straight Into Hell

Geoff Ward
Joel Auerbach/Getty

If there is only one lesson to take away from the last few weeks in the NHL, it is this: Avoid the Ottawa Senators at all costs. When they win, opposing coaches get fired. When they lose, opposing coaches still get fired. Rivals like the Leafs and Flames and Canadiens simply cannot escape the all-consuming hurricane of misfortune and ruin that the Sens bring with them to every rink.

And again, last night. Goddamnit it happened again. Again! The Flames seemingly dominated the worst team in their division on Thursday, riding a blisteringly hot start to an eventual 7-3 win. In the locker room afterwards, their coach steeled himself for a Saturday confrontation with the Edmonton Oilers.

"We've got to get ourselves ready again for another hard hockey game," said Calgary head coach Geoff Ward. "We're really not thinking about what's happened in the past; we're thinking about what we need to do to prepare ourselves [for] the next one."

But the Curse of Ottawa was not to be denied. In the early hours of the morning in the Eastern Time Zone, the Grim Reaper arrived at Ward's office wearing a vintage Alexei Yashin jersey. Suddenly, despite a four-goal win, Ward was no longer a part of the Flames organization. He has paid dearly for angering the Senators.

Won't somebody please do something about this?

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