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The New York Rangers Are Censoring Tony DeAngelo’s Right To Be Dogshit On The Ice

Calling all patriots: The NHL's New York Rangers are infringing upon the Fifth Amendment rights of defenseman Tony DeAngelo, merely because he dared to play like absolute ass in Thursday's season-opening 4-0 loss to the New York Islanders.

DeAngelo, an avid Donald Trump supporter known for giving his "un-PC" opinions, was toasted by Mat Barzal for the Islanders' third goal of the first period. Later in the game, he committed a holding penalty on Barzal and was tagged for an additional unsportsmanlike conduct minor for slamming the door of the penalty box.

Today, in what is surely one step of a larger plan by the deep state to deplatform professional hockey players who happen to support Donald Trump, the Rangers had DeAngelo skate with the scrubs:

This will not stand! It is DeAngelo's right to act as a turnstile for more talented skaters. We must band together and demand that the Rangers restore his ice time. Give him more of it, actually. Put him on the top pairing. As a proud American, he deserves to poorly defend the thin blue line, especially since he lost his other opportunity to do that when he deleted his Twitter account last weekend in protest of the company's suspension of Trump.

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