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The Jets Have Excavated An Even Lower Level Of Quarterback Hell

Zach Wilson is sacked by the Miami Dolphins.
Photo by Peter Joneleit/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Heading into a Week 15 showdown with the Miami Dolphins, Jets fans were wondering if the team could possibly get another week of competent quarterback–ha ha—ahem, excuse me. The question was, after their first week of competent quarterback play of this season, would the New York J-J-J—ha ha ha! Hmm. OK. One more time. The Jets, fresh off of an encouraging Week 14 performance from reluctantly re-installed quarterback Zach Wilson, were hoping for a second consecutive ... ha ha ha ha! I can't do it! Maybe if I draw it.

Jets, QB, squiggles.

OK. I think you understand what it is that I am trying to say. The point is, no, it did not happen. After appearing to have a modest breakout of a performance last week against the Houston Texans, Wilson reverted to pumpkin mode from the outset of New York's Week 15 game against Miami. On Wilson's second drop-back of the game, he retreated in a panic from immediate pressure, took a bad hit, and fumbled the ball, deep in Jets territory. On New York's third drive, he took a 10-yard sack, then took a delay of game to stick the Jets with a hopeless 3rd-and-24. He was sacked again on the drive after that, and again on the drive after that. By the conclusion of New York's fifth drive of the game, Wilson had totaled four completions on 11 passing attempts, for 26 yards, and had been sacked four times for minus-27 yards. Miami scored on the subsequent drive to go up 24–0.

It was not much of a surprise when it was Trevor Siemian and not Wilson who took the field on the next drive. Things did not improve much: Siemian was soon sacked, to kill New York's final drive of the half. Siemian is not great. The Jets went into halftime with a bone-chilling four total yards of offense. The second half was no better.

Of New York's 10 drives in this game, four produced negative yardage. Another two produced less than 10 yards. The four of those 10 drives that did produce more than 10 yards of offense ended in turnovers: one by fumble, one on downs, and two by interception.

To make matters worse, Wilson appears to have suffered a brain injury: The Jets initially called it dehydration when Wilson left the game, but later they called Wilson's injury a concussion. The Jets should be required by law to play the remainder of their games without a quarterback.

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