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Spring Training Is All About The Beer Guys

Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

There is a memory seared into my brain. It comes from one of the many trips my family took to Tucson, Ariz., in order to watch spring training baseball games while suffering through inhumane temperatures. The memory is this: I am sitting in my seat, watching the Rockies spring training squad take on some other team of scrubs, and every 10 seconds I can hear one of the stadium vendors screaming, "SPAAAAAAA-RRRRING WATTAH!!" I can still remember the exact pitch and tone of his voice, and the curious ways in which he chose to stress the syllables in the phrase "spring water."

Anyway, I bring that up now because I was reminded of it when I saw this clip:

I bet some kid who attended this game is going wake up one day, 20 years from now, and hear, "Beeeeer beer beer beer beeeer" ringing in their mind, clear as the day they first heard it. That, to me, is nice.

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