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Senators Week

Senators Week Has Adjourned

Illustration by Jim Cooke

I am announcing today that Defector's first-ever theme week, Senators Week, will be headed into recess. Though we realize there is still a great deal of work to be done, we also feel that it is important for us to suspend our work at this time so that we may return home to spend time with our families and listen to important feedback from our subscribers.

Senators Week only lasted four days, but my colleagues and I are proud of all that we accomplished. Through hard work and a commitment to bipartisan blogging, we were able to produce several blog posts that elicited reactions such as "What?" and "Seriously, what is going on?" from our subscribers. Stories such as "That Time Two Senators Socked Each Other In The Face," "Who Was Lady Byng, And What Was Her Deal?" and "Which U.S. Senator Would Most Thoroughly Be Obliterated By A Single Check From Brady Tkachuk?" are evidence of what can still be accomplished in this country when men and women come together in good faith and agree to work together.

I would like to thank the honorable gentlemen and gentlewomen who dedicated themselves so thoroughly to this project, and of course our esteemed readers. We hear you, and will continue to blog for you every day.

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