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This Is So Stupid

Rudy Gobert’s Own Bees Sting Him In Face

Rudy Gobert and some cartoon bees
With apologies to Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

There’s quite a buzz among the Utah Jazz before Game 6 of the Western Conference quarterfinals. Rudy Gobert, part-time bee keeper and full-time Jazz center, told reporters today he was stung on the nose by one of the bees he keeps.

Though it really bugged him, Gobert didn’t drone on about it. And hopefully he’s fine—I’m pollen for him!—and the end result isn’t as bad as the last time Gobert made news for health reasons, cross-pollinating several reporters' microphones despite having COVID-19.

Truth bee told, news of Gobert’s beehive(s)—appropriate for Utah!—didn’t seem to appear in the news before today. But he did throw out the first pitch at a Salt Lake Bees game in 2017. Maybe that’s where he got the idea. It‘s a real hivemind. Now this is a story with some stamen power. At least it’s warm in Salt Lake City today. OK, OK, sorry.

The Mavericks hold a 3-2 lead over the Jazz in their first-round series, thanks in part to their swarming defense. But is Gobert out for tonight’s game against Dallas? Bzzzzzt! OK, for real this time. I’m done.

I can assure Rudy that for me it has never, ever, been my own bees.

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