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Questions From Antonio Brown’s Super Bowl Press Conference, Ranked

11:16 AM EST on February 4, 2021

Antonio Brown

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

1. "Hey, Antonio, I know it was difficult for you suffering that knee injury. Can you just give us an update on that, and how you're feeling and what kind of things you're doing to hopefully get better in time for the game?"

2. "Antonio, congratulations on making it to the Super Bowl. I guess just talk about—you're going to be facing one of your old teammates, Le'Veon Bell—I guess talk about the journey that you and him have made since your time in Pittsburgh. And what were some memories of having him as a teammate during that time in your career?"

3. "Hi, Antonio. Um, what would what would it take I guess to keep you off the field Sunday, given what's on the line for you and this team?"

4. "Antonio, you've got a lot of fans over here in Ireland. Just want to congratulate you obviously on getting to the big game this weekend. And if it's some relevant month so far in your career, how you find in this whole prep this week, obviously very virtual. Do you miss the whole Media Day atmosphere?"

5. "Hey, Antonio, I know your mind is on Sunday, but you'll be a free agent in the spring. How important is it for you to be able to come back and be a part of this team again next year?"

6. "AB, hey, I want to ask you a Pittsburgh question here real quick. It's been a while since we've seen you. Um, do you keep in touch with any of your teammates, and do you still have any kind of relationship with Mike Tomlin?"

7. "You have kind of an unconventional route to get here to Tampa. How has that journey been going from, obviously, the Raiders to the Patriots now to Tampa Bay? And, you know, a little of Le'Veon Bell kind of on that similar journey. Can you just speak on that? And have you spoke with him as well?"

8. "Your path from Pittsburgh to the Super Bowl has been tumultuous, to say the least. What does it mean to you to be here right now?"

9. "Hi, Antonio. Tom Brady just talked a little bit about your relationship and how he enjoys helping people. How much of that help by Tom has kind of gotten you back into the game and where you are right now?"

10. "AB did you see this, this opportunity with the Bucs, as a last chance in the NFL for yourself? Did you see it as a last chance to sort of, you know, prove yourself and prove your doubters wrong?"

11. "At the end of the season, you know, Tom Brady talks about the caring that he has for his teammates. I think the Bucs do that as well with Bruce Arians. At the end of the regular season you had a couple of little pop passes, things, you know, that that earned you some bonus money. What what did that mean to you that they would go to that extent and make sure that, you know, you accomplish that as you had hoped to?"

12. "You obviously you weren't in New England for that long, but it seemed like you and Tom Brady connected fairly quickly. One, what was it about Tom that allowed you to connect so quickly, and two, was that connection sort of felt instantly when you when you practiced there in New England?"

13. "What advice would you give rookie Antonio Brown with all the knowledge you've gained?"

14. "Antonio, this is a pleasure. How do you feel to be now with Tom Brady? I'm sure you have responded to this before. But how do you feel being on the same field with Tom Brady?"

15. "Um, can you talk a little bit about the journey that you've gone through to get to this point, and at this stage in Super Bowl 55?"

16. "I don't know if you've seen this yet, or if you've heard about it, but your guy Scotty Miller said he can beat Tyreek Hill in a race. If you had to place a bet, who you taking?"

17. "Mr. Brown, great to see you there. And I want to ask you to contrast your time with the Raiders with the Buccaneers, because I was a big fan of you with the Raiders, and don't want to get off on a tangent there, but I'm glad to see you in a better place. Your thoughts?"

18. "You were here in the Super Bowl with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and you were young, and you weren't starting, you know, you were a kick returner. Now that you're here now and you have players like Scotty Miller and other young players, what is your message to them? If they have, you know, if they have any questions or not? And then also, if you score, can we see that dance? You haven't done that dance in the last six, seven years, man."

19. "Antonio, I was just wondering, how is it to be around Gronk?"

20. Being fired out of the cannon on the big stupid pirate ship at the Buccaneers' stadium.

21. "Antonio, how you doing? How you doing? Good. So you had a chance to live with Tom Brady a little bit heading into the season. Now when you were there, did you have the chance to try his avocado ice cream?"

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