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Programming Notes

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Hello! It is once again October, which means I once again have some precious information to share with you.

This week, the Defector staff will again be gathering in a secret wooded location in order to conduct our annual all-company meetings. Much like last year, these meetings will be where we chart out the next year of the business and come up with cool ideas that will hopefully prevent Defector from sucking. The big change going into this year's meetings is that the ceremonial sword has been replaced by a ceremonial mace.

As you might imagine, these meetings are going to take up a good chunk of our time this week, which means the output of the blog will slow down a bit. We'll stay on top of the news, though, and we've also put together a little package of woods-themed blogs that we'll be running throughout the week. Consider it a mini-theme week. Woods Week? Yeah, let's call it Woods Week.

Oh, and our annual report will be out soon. That might be exciting news for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

OK, see you around. Onward.

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