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The Philadelphia Flyers have had an eventful Monday. We'll start with the most important occurrence: A bunch of dogs from a Philly-area police department came and visited the arena ahead of tonight's game against the Avalanche, and one of those dogs marked the occasion by loosing a big turd directly onto the Flyers logo. Dutch walked onto the ice, paws all slippery and slidey, surrounded by four coworkers and their handlers, then boom: squatted and dropped a nice big poop right on the ice.

Oh, in other news the Flyers also dumped coach Alain Vigneault after the team's winless streak got to eight games, which will surely—nope, sorry, who cares, here's another angle of the dog crapping on the logo:

Hockey Reference does not track pooping stats, but the eye-test confirms Dutch has moved up to second in the league in turds per minute (TPM).

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