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Technical Difficulties

Our Newsletter Has Broken Containment And Entered Our Website

Many of you likely know that pal-and-above level subscribers at Defector get a premium daily newsletter with some bonus gimmicks and bits that don't make it to the website (like Bear Friday!). Fewer of you are probably aware that there have been some glitches with our email list this week, which have conspired to send surprise emails to some and withhold expected emails from others.

These issues, which have improved within the last 24 hours anyway, affect fewer than 10 percent of you, I think. But it's still a good enough reason, for me at least, to drop the newsletter on the site today. Today's edition features Kelsey going very deep on some Detroit Tigers-adjacent evangelical drama, as well as some thoughts on what John Gibson looks like without his mask on. You can check it out at this link. And now you have a comment section along with it, too!

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