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Jets Still Embarrass Themselves Even After 49ers Suffer Numerous Injuries

Sam Darnold of the Jets tries to avoid a sack.
Photo: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The New York Jets had a real chance to achieve an early-season win over the defending NFC champion 49ers today. San Francisco entered the game without tight end George Kittle, receiver Deebo Samuel, or defensive back Richard Sherman, and over the course of the first half, Nick Bosa, Solomon Thomas, Raheem Mostert, and Jimmy Garoppolo all left with injuries. A capable team would have pounced on the opportunity, but the Jets are coached by Adam Gase, so they were laughed off the field.

Granted, Le'Veon Bell was out, the Jets suffered a few injuries of their own, and Garoppolo and Mostert produced a combined three touchdowns before their injuries. Mostert actually took a run 80 yards for a touchdown on the first play of the game. Yes, he's fast, but you'd at least like to get a hand on him somewhere here.

The turning point, such that there was one, came when the Niners faced a third-and-31 deep in their own territory. Instead of securing decent field position for a drive after what seemed to be an inevitable punt, the Jets' defense let Jerick McKinnon burn them for 55 yards.

The Jets did get good field position a few drives later, but down by three touchdowns, Gase elected to kick a field goal from the seven-yard line. A garbage-time TD throw from Sam Darnold made the final score 31-13, San Francisco. When asked about the decision to kick, Gase more or less said he wasn't a good enough coach to draw up the right play.

Points for honesty: Adam Gase is perhaps the single biggest factor holding back the team he coaches.

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