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This Is So Stupid

Mom, The Animatronic Dancing Skip Bayless We Got At Marshalls Is Being Weird Again!

11:38 AM EST on November 23, 2020

Mooooom! The animatronic dancing Skip Bayless is acting funny! I didn't break it, I swear! Tanya probably messed with it and won't admit it.

I know you didn't want anyone playing with it until the holidays, and we only bought it at Marshalls this weekend, but I wanted to try it out. Sorry. This is what it was doing:

That might've been why it was marked down to $2.99. I tried putting in four new D batteries, but it kept doing the same thing. The motor might be all messed up. It's also making a weird whining noise.

Do we still have the receipt? Maybe we can go back and exchange it for a dancing Max Kellerman before Thanksgiving. That one had a better song anyway.

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