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Meyers Leonard Has Heated Gaming Moment, Finds Out He’s In Trouble Live On Stream

Meyers Leonard taking a call right before cutting the stream off.
Screenshot: Meyers Leonard/Twitch

Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard was streaming Call of Duty: Warzone Monday night when ... something happened that made him angry enough to drop an antisemitic slur. We're not sure why he said it, because he either deleted the archived video or never posted it to his Twitch account, but he called someone a "kike bitch."

Although Leonard's heated gaming moment happened yesterday, few people noticed until this afternoon, when Leonard hosted another Warzone stream. He ate a sandwich, bantered with his viewers, and pet his dog. After the above clip began to pick up attention, the chat slowly began to populate with viewers asking about the slur. Most of them were banned immediately by moderators. Toward the end of the stream, the chat had entered "emote-only mode."

Eventually Leonard received a phone call, off mic, and his mood dropped. "Yo my wife needs me. She just called me, I gotta roll brother. GGs," he said to his gaming partners before cutting his stream short. "Chat, something came up, I gotta, uh, go hang with my wife." Then he burped loudly. "I will, uh, talk to you guys later."

He must've needed his wife's help to do this:

Update (7:59 p.m. ET): Meyers Leonard has apologized.

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