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Let's say you wanted to know the answer to a simple question: "Is JaMychal Green healthy enough to play for the Nuggets tonight?" Typically you'd have to rely on a team's own injury reporting—which has gotten timelier lately, but all too often feels touch-and-go until tip-off—to be relayed in a dull game of telephone to the beat reporters, who then task you with reading the runes of "questionable," "probable," "doubtful." It stinks. If, however, you are Scott Hastings, former NBA player and a color commentator for the Nuggets broadcast, and you happen to be a couple yards from JaMychal Green, and you don't give terribly many shits about the norms of broadcasting, a more direct option presents itself.

"Why do you gotta wait for all these letters and stuff to come out? Just ask the dude." That's right, Scott.

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