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Jaguars Junction: Week 2

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA - SEPTEMBER 19: Quarterback Trevor Lawrence #16 of the Jacksonville Jaguars looks on from the field grass after being sacked by the Denver Broncos in the third quarter of the game at TIAA Bank Field on September 19, 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

The Jaguars and quarterback Trevor Lawrence are off to a slow start this year after losing the first game and then, subsequently in week two, also losing the game. One glaring weakness in the team is that you rarely see them run the end-around play. I'd like to see, on the first play of the game, an end-around to the left; then on the next play, an end-around to the right; then back to the left; then perhaps twice to the right; and so on. Keep the defense guessing about which side the end-around will be headed on any given play. Statistically they will guess wrong at least half of the time—and that's when your opportunities to advance the ball downfield are created. The Jaguars haven't done this, and the results are reflected in their record. 

I can already hear the bleating of the "experts" on social media: "That's too many end-arounds!" Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding you. Did you mean to say, "That's too many ends-around"? Learn to speak properly, you stupid Jacksonville hicks. 

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