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Illinois Gymnast Celebrates Excellent Vault By Taking Out His Vaccination Card

Evan Manivong hitting the celebration.

Consider the pitfalls of the post-COVID vaccine selfie. Friends and loved ones who have been jabbed with a rival company's mRNA juice may see you as an enemy and turn on you, and posting a picture with your vaccine card could potentially open you up to identity thieves. Nobody wants that.

Now consider how this cool celebration by Illinois gymnast Evan Manivong at a road meet against Minnesota on March 22. He didn't just stick the vault landing with a vaccine card in his competition shirt. He earned a vault score that tied his career best with a vaccine card in his competition shirt. Seems like clear proof that the jab enhances a person's physical powers.

Manivong's celebration took place a couple of weeks ago, but the Illinois men's gymnastics squad finished fourth at this past weekend's Big Ten men's championships. Even though his team didn't take home the trophy, Manivong earned the B1G Sportsmanship Award and was named an All-American on the vault. Now nobody try to steal his identity.

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