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Hunter Dickinson Promises No More “Hitler Comments” About Tom Izzo

Michigan's Hunter Dickinson

Hannah Fountain – CameraSport via Getty Images

If presented with the phrase "Hitler-Izzo" in a vacuum, I might assume it was a misguided single off a 2023 followup to Watch The Throne. Somewhere very low on my list of potential explanations, I'd find anything having to do with the starting center on the 9-5 Michigan Wolverines. In a standard work week I view the name "Hunter Dickinson" only when force-fed it by one of two Michigan-origin bozos on this staff. What a jolt, then, to encounter today's Associated Press headline about the 7-foot-1 junior: "Michigan's Dickinson's dissociates from Hitler-Izzo comment."

Dickinson, averaging 18.7 points and 8.3 rebounds this season, appears regularly on a Barstool Sports podcast about college basketball. In a recent episode, one of his co-hosts likened Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo to Hitler because of disciplinary measures with the team. That episode has been deleted, Dickinson told the AP, because "we came together and said that's something we can't say." Dickinson said he couldn't remember whether or not he was on the episode in question, "but if I was, I don't condone it."

No notes on these two immaculate grafs from the AP, just awed applause for Hunter's two uses of "especially":

Hitler and his accomplices systematically murdered 6 million Jews in Europe. Izzo is a Basketball Hall of Fame coach with one national championship and eight Final Four appearances.

“There won’t be any more Hitler comments going forward, especially about Tom Izzo,” Dickinson said. “Especially with recent events with popular figures, that’s not who I am.”

Dickinson's co-hosts also revisited their comments, entering that rarefied zone: recording front-facing video that is captioned "Clearing the air on the Hitler comments."

Glad that's been cleared up.

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