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This Is So Stupid

Hmmm … Something Is STILL Not Right Here

missing brick showing wire going through the building
Kelsey McKinney/Defector|

There’s the wire!

Every day we check on the wire! What is happening with the wire?

In December, you may remember, I wrote about a conundrum in my neighborhood where a new construction building has been built up completely around a wire that is now running through the finished building. Many of you may have been thinking, Hey, it's been two months! What's happening with the wire?

Thank you for asking.

I have checked on the wire every single day for more than six months now, and I am sad to report that nothing is happening with the wire. They have now bricked three of the four sides of this building. Yesterday, I watched them moving very long two-by-fours into a third-story window, so I'm forced to believe that they are beginning work on the interior walls.

Many people have emailed me since I posted the original blog. For a second, many of them had me convinced that this might be an eruv, which is a special wire used for the Sabbath. But I have now been shown the eruv in my neighborhood and this wire is both much thicker and not connected to it.

I have also confirmed that while this property is stealing both electricity and water (cool), the wire that is stealing electricity is a different wire. Incredible.

Many people who work in real estate and for the city of Philadelphia have emailed me asking where the wire is, presumably to do something. I have told them. The wire remains.

Everything looks good!

photo of a wire going through an empty brick spot in a building

All my buddies love the wire! Let's go wire!

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