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Here Is An NBA Trade Deadline Open Thread

Gordon Hayward lifts his hand.
Photo by Brock Williams-Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA's annual trade deadline comes this afternoon, at 3 p.m. Eastern. It's been a slow pre-deadline period overall, but now the trades are coming. This morning the Pacers dealt Buddy Hield to the Sixers; the Jazz sent Kelly Olynyk to the Raptors; the Hornets traded Gordon Hayward to the Thunder; the Knicks and Pistons swapped Quentin Grimes for Alec Burks. Yes, it's true, none of these Guys are Dudes, but at least we can say that we are finally down in the Deal Zone, moving and shaking and so forth.

Please use the space below to issue takes about the day's activities. This post will be updated here and there as new deals are announced. Bring forth the deals!

UPDATE: The trade between the Knicks and Pistons sends Burks and Bojan Bogdanovic to New York for Grimes and flotsam, plus a couple future second-round picks, per Woj. Burks is a man with no ethics, but the Knicks are a team with no secondary ball-handlers.

UPDATE 2: An extremely funny and lightly Shamsian report from Marc Stein:

The Mavericks are in the process of trying to acquire the needed draft compensation to furnish Washington to complete its pending deal to acquire Wizards center Daniel Gafford for Richaun Holmes, league sources say.

I will smooch on the mouth whichever Wizards honcho convinces the Mavericks that they need much more than a coupon for a discounted Big Mac in a deal for literally any Wizards player.

UPDATE 3: In a true crud-for-crud challenge trade, the Raptors and Nets are swapping Dennis Schroder for Spencer Dinwiddie, per Woj. To me this is puke.

UPDATE 4: Shams is back in the game, folks! He's got Charlotte sending P.J. Washington to the Mavericks for a first-rounder and the lesser Curry, and he's got the Nets sending Royce O'Neale to the Suns "for salaries" and some second-rounders.

It seems like the Hornets have finally had enough of this shit, although earlier today Woj reported that Miles Bridges informed the Hornets that he would veto any trades, ensuring that he will stay in Charlotte through the remainder of his expiring contract.

John Hollinger says the Mavericks have now committed more draft picks today than they are allowed to trade, so they still have some dealing to do to get this all squared away.

UPDATE 5: In another transaction that my colleague Patrick Redford has declared "bilateral ass-for-ass," Woj reports that the Bucks and 76ers are swapping Cameron Payne for Patrick Beverley. I guess the Bucks need more defense and the 76ers need more offense?

UPDATE 6: We have reached the frenzied final few minutes, when most of the deals are about shedding salary and reducing luxury tax bills. The Bucks are trading Robin Lopez and cash to the Kings, who will waive the big galoot, per Woj. And the Pacers are trading a second round pick and Marcus Morris, who they just acquired a couple hours ago, to the Spurs, for Doug McDermott, per Shams. The Spurs will reportedly waive Morris. Gross!

UPDATE 7: It's over! The following lousy play-in teams largely stood pat, and can therefore burn in hell: Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Sacramento, Golden State, and the freaking Lakers. Burn in hell!

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