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Guy Who Looks Like A Little Kid Who Just Got A Lollipop Kicks Game-Winning Field Goal For Vikings

Greg Joseph celebrates after hitting GW FG
Image via NFL/FOX

The Vikings and Packers played a thrilling fourth quarter today, combining for 25 points. It went back and forth! Honestly the whole second half was pretty great, with only one punt, but the fourth quarter went: Packers TD to go ahead, Vikings TD and two-point coversion to go ahead, Packers 75-yard TD to tie it. Of course then Kirk Cousins drove the Vikings down the field, and a little kicker gave the Vikings the 34-31 win.

Great! Here’s what it looked like.

Obviously there’s a lot here. I like Mike Zimmer’s Angry Coach Celebration. I like Kirk Cousins putting on his helmet to celebrate. And I like how the replay makes it look like he almost missed it! Drag. That woulda been funny too.

But my favorite part, definitely, is Greg Joseph’s celebration. Whenever a kicker hits a game-winning field goal—heck, whenever a kicker hits a field goal, period—his much-larger teammates should carry him off the field. I don’t care if he’s a beefy kicker, there are lineman who are bigger. They can whisk him up into the air or carry him around the field, like the Vikings did here.

Joseph, though, looked like he’d just done a bunch of acid before celebrating his field goal. He also looks like a little kid who just got a big lolly. Seriously!

Everyone in Minnesota ought to be doing this celebration the rest of the year. It can be the new “SKOL.” Look how excited he is!

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