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Get A Load Of This Tom Brady Trick Play

Seahawks interception as Tom Brady lays on the ground
NFL Network

Let’s get this out of the way: Tom Brady looked pretty decent as the Buccaneers defeated the Seahawks, 21-16, in Munich today; the Buccaneers have won two straight and are 5-5; Brady looked pretty at his postgame press conference, yada yada yada. Incidentally, Brady was in college when that Seinfeld episode aired.

You can get more of a proper game recap elsewhere. But for me and for Defector Media, the highlight of the game, perhaps the season, was this Buccaneers attempt at a trick play in the third quarter.

On a previous wildcat-style play, Brady ran a route and Leonard Fournette ran the ball for two yards. Their second attempt did not work: Fournette ran right and attempted to throw the ball to Brady, who was heavily covered. Also, he fell down. Easy interceptação for Tariq Woolen.

To make this play funnier, Brady got a tripping penalty after the interception. Again, the Bucs won, but whatever. This was the highlight of the game.

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