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Freddie Freeman Is Gone, But Will He Be Forgotten? Bob Nightengale Investigates

Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Star first baseman Freddie Freeman will not be returning to Atlanta to play for the team with which he's spent the first 12 years of his pro career. It's obviously an emotional time whenever a player leaves the only team he's ever known and the place where he became a league MVP and world champion, so you can understand why Freeman wanted to send a heartfelt message to Atlanta fans on his way out of the city.

But one big question remains: Now that Freeman is leaving Atlanta, will he be forgotten? For answers, we turn to ace MLB insider and avant-garde photographer Bob Nightengale:

Wow! That seems harsh! Surely you would expect Atlanta fans to remember Freeman for his many great years and the World Series title that he helped deliver to them, and yet now I am being informed that he will be forgotten? Just like that??

Ah, OK, I see now. Bob simply had some follow-up reporting to do, and now the picture is much clearer: Freddie Freeman will not be forgotten, even though he is gone.

But wait, if that is Bob's final report on the matter, and if we are to use his previous track record with reporting accurate scoops as an indication of what's really true, then Freddie Freeman will be forgotten, immediately, by all residents of Atlanta. Oh no, poor Freddie!

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