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Even In Defeat, The Ottawa Senators’ Rampage Continues

Brady Tkachuk #7 of the Ottawa Senators takes down Artturi Lehkonen #62 of the Montreal Canadiens
Minas Panagiotakis/Getty

I thought everybody would be safe last night. I thought the Montreal Canadiens had done their job. I believed that the Habs, with a 3-1 win over the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday night, had effectively stifled the ruthless path of destruction that the Sens have blazed all throughout Canada over the past few weeks.

I was wrong.

Not content with taking out Montreal's coach following two straight victories over the Habs last week, Ottawa traveled to the Centre Bell with an unquenchable thirst for blood. This time, their victim was goaltending coach Stephane Waite, who suddenly lost his job after seven years with the team.

I am forced to conclude that the dagger to the heart of Waite's job security was this quick wrister in the second period by Artem Zub—which, I must stress, was the only goal that Ottawa scored all game.

Sure, you could argue that Bergevin claimed he'd made up his mind to fire Waite before the game, and the end of the second period just happened to be the first opportune moment to inform him. But that would force you to believe that the Senators are not soul-takers, and Artem Zub is not a destroyer of jobs. And if that's the case, have you seriously learned nothing from Ottawa's last 10 games?

With yet another life ruined, the Senators now turn their evil eye back to Calgary, a team whose No. 2 goaltender they have already shattered. Will they torment David Rittich further or find a new man to prey on? I'm not sure. All I know is that nobody's dignity or employment is secure.

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