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Do Not Disrespect The Patriots In Front Of The Man Who No Longer Works For Them

Head coach Josh McDaniels of the Las Vegas Raiders looks on in the second half of a game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on October 30, 2023 in Detroit, Michigan.
Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

In case you hadn’t heard, the Raiders fired head coach Josh McDaniels earlier this week. Bells rang, children sang, etc. You already know that McDaniels was one of the more despicable humans to ever patrol an NFL sideline. The stories are not only legion, but a joy to consume. I can’t get enough reports of Josh McDaniels being a haughty failure of a man. This morning, Jay Glazer of Fox provided us maybe the heartiest sip of McTea yet:

The big thing was last Thursday. There was this big airing of the grievance meeting. And players just unloaded on Josh McDaniels. From captain to captain, to player to player. And finally, Josh McDaniels actually had Antonio Pierce get up and speak on behalf of him and the coaches. When Antonio Pierce got up there … he brought up the old Giants team that beat the Patriots—Josh McDaniels’s team—in the Super Bowl in the 2007 season. He said, "No matter who we played, we thought we could beat them. We had a game plan that we could beat them. We had to believe that, and that’s not here. We have to believe it here at the Raiders. We can beat anybody."

When he finishes up that speech, everybody think they’re great … except for Josh McDaniels. Josh McDaniels then goes over to [Pierce] and says, "Don’t ever talk about the Patriots like that." That got up to Mark Davis.

Jay Glazer

Fuck. That's so perfect. Aren’t you so happy that Josh McDaniels never got his head out of his ass? Doesn’t it bring you deep pleasure to know that he’s exactly as pigheaded and miserable an asshole as you surmised? I know I’m happy. Everyone’s happy. I wish Josh McDaniels got himself fired every week.

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