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Defective Letters

Defective Letters: “You Are Bing Ass Hole”

Prisoners sort mail during World War II.
FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Defective Letters, a possibly recurring but likely extremely infrequent feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Defector's staff are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.


From: Glenn Cooke

To: Maitreyi Anantharaman

With a name like yours, and what kind of publication is defector. With a name like yours, what the F do you know about hockey?First of all, i can't stand Gary bettman, but these Winter classic games are awesome!How do propose to put all those fans around a frozen lake or pond. Not to mention if the lake or pond is frozen enough! Regarding the problem with diversity in the NHL, what about the fckin nba and nfl that are 90% black.Just stick to moronic stories about the idiots of blm and antifa.

Subject: (no subject)

From: Patricia James

To: Barry Petchesky

Is your nickname Barry the Libersl

Subject: STOP the hating

From: William Dean

To: Chris Thompson

Lay off of Trevor Bauer you are bing ass hole

Subject: you are a ass hole

From: James Pheasant

To: Tips



                    TAKE TWO WEEKS OFF AND THEN QUITE.

Subject: Falcons Lost Dan Q lost the fuckin Game went for it on 4th down three times miss all of them. Short field 3 touchdowns for other team . What a dumb ASS !!

From: lemondan58

To: Tips

Sent via the Samsung Galaxy, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


From: englandceg

To: Tips

Your article is appalling.  Did your author not see the heart that both of those players showed.  I believe their trying to make it to the next level with the pressures of people like you waiting to pounce on them is much more admiral than writing a highly critical article which does nothing but point out the faults and misses the triumphs.  They will both grow from this experience I am not sure your writer will and that is the one who is truly the failure!In today's climate we need to focus on hope not perpetuate negativity.  Your articles are toxic.  

Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Note9, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone

Subject: Get a new job! Negative krap does not improve anything but your fucked up ego! You are probably a Repug

From: Derek Brown

To: Tips

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Subject: Idiot

From: David Bott

To: Tips

Your words "you are not a journalist".Why don't you just write "I hate TRUMP"as the title of every article you write.You're not even a funny clown; you're just a clown. I got that out of the 1.5 articles of yours that I read.Basically, if Trump wasn't President, no one would read anything you write.

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Subject: (no subject)

From: tschaaf53

To: Tips

The Government and all that perpetuates , needs to listen more before signing acting or signing into enactmen. Of the Of. the People .

Subject: (no subject)

From: Rick McElmurry

To: Tips

You suck liberal dick communist horseshit

Subject: Columbus et al article

From: BestMan

To: Tips

Your article, written by a USC Ph.D., is filled with Protestant biases against Catholics. Not surprising given USC and its WASP wannabes. It is not a top university. Just look at the top 50 unis in the world, no, doesn't make the cut. Perhaps among undergraduates it is a good school, certainly gets lots of rich applicants, but the really good ones go to better schools. Anyway, the so-called historian's article says nothing about the British and Dutch explorers who ravaged the world. It only discusses the Portugese and Spaniards and insults Italians on the way.If you truly are a fair publication that wants to get to the truth, you will read my letter without forcing me to pay to join your publication. I do not want to pay to join. Let us see what your readership has to say about my comments about the Brits and Dutch and other Protestant explorers.You are hypocrites to the thousandth degree.Vivalamois.

Subject: AW:

From: Mathias Winkler

To: Tips

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, wird ab sofort angeboten.Ich freue mich auf Ihre Antwort!

Mit bester Empfehlung

Subject: F You

From: Steve Parker

To: Tips

So this dish rag of a publication allows it's staff to tell a subscriber to f off? Did their poor widdle liberal ass get butt hurt by their comment? Right back at you pricks. I guess you figured if you made people be  paid subscribers to comment , every comment would be in support of your very own pious world viewKudos to the guy willing to take a bullet for Drew Brees and real Americans. Go back to supporting Iran, BLM, and any other movement which relishes in suppressing white men. 

Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Subject: Re: F You

From: Albert Burneko

To: Steve Parker

Steve, from the bottom of my heart: Fuck off.

Subject: Re: Re: F You

From: Steve Parker

To: Albert Burneko

I expected no less. Have a nice day

Subject: Go fuck yourself

From: connorolsonkenny

To: Tips

You spineless Sack of shit

Sent from my Galaxy


From: Patrick Sullivan

To: Tips

Tip. Get rid of that nobody SAMER KALAF. What an idiot, this guy is a waste of space. 

Sent from my iPhone

Subject: Hey

From: Freedom 1

To: Tips

Shame on your paper for bad mouthing a Pastor. Did you know that with the standards you use against him that same standard will be used by the Lord to judge you?marilynne

Subject: (no subject)

From: Brunzwick

To: @DefectorMedia

What an amazingly poor take on this season. This article, and your entire rag for that matter, is pure click-bait.

Out of pure spite, I'm going to block your domain on my phone, my home network, and my 10,000 user work network so that nobody can view this trash. Get fucked.

Subject: YEAH!

From: G. O. P.

To: Tips

FUCK YOU drew magarty!RAIDERS Foerever!

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