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Colts Owner Jim Irsay Inspires Team By Not Lifting Any Of The Damn Weights Surrounding Him

Jim Irsay lifts weights
Screenshot: @JimIrsay/Twitter

Indianapolis Colts boss Jim Irsay has the right to cut a hype video. He clearly cares about his team's on-field performance more than many of his counterparts in the suites, although given this odd and bizarre locker-room speech he gave to the team two seasons ago, that passion might be more of a burden for Colts players.

However, it is illegal for him to post a video of himself standing atop what appears to be a bench press bar loaded with what Defector lifting consultant/my brother estimated at 315 pounds, "assuming those are legit weights," and not lift the damn weight.

This is a blatant violation of Chekhov's barbell. If Irsay's going to go through the trouble of either filming this mid-workout or—the sadder alternative—dressing up in a weight belt to film this video, he has to give the people what they want. Lift the damn bar!

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