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The Fate Of The Buffalo Bills Rests On The Shoulders Of—Sorry, Who Is That?

For the first time in 26 years, the Buffalo Bills are in the AFC title game, and judging by this fan's poster, they have ... well, I'm not sure who they have to thank. Uncle Rico? An unidentified third Harbaugh brother? A local menace known only as the Grocery Groper?

The actual Josh Allen was fine and looked normal in Saturday's 17-3 win over the Baltimore Ravens, but the game in its entirety was about as pretty as that poster. The wind caused a total of four missed field goals between kickers Tyler Bass and Justin Tucker, and there were few offensive highlights outside of Allen's sole passing touchdown to his best bud Stefon Diggs. The most entertaining play of the game was a 101-yard pick-six from Bills defensive back Taron Johnson, but to be fair, that was pretty tight.

The Ravens were already struggling at that point, and then it got worse. A couple of plays after throwing that interception, quarterback Lamar Jackson had to leave the game when he suffered a concussion while throwing away a bad snap. He did not return. Backup Tyler Huntley had a couple of decent plays—graded on a scale for a rookie QB thrust into a playoff game—but it wasn't enough.

The Bills won't care how it happened: An ugly playoff win is still a win. They'll play either Cleveland or Kansas City in the conference championship. That Buffalo fan now has a week to more accurately depict Josh Allen's mustache and likeness in general.

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