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Defector Up All Night

Best Wishes For A Happy, Healthy Hump Day From Alex Rodriguez

Wednesdays, right? They take it out of you. You're halfway home, sure, but there's still all this, like, week just glowering down and looming up ahead. And the days are short and strange and acidic, every day is now, and the sun sometimes just doesn't come out at all. The mornings and afternoons muddle and blur; they pass in washes of yawning and weird headlong skeins of panic. The work that's left over splashes into the nighttime, leaving stains far further than would have seemed possible into the part of the day that is notionally yours and yours alone. There is just so much of it all, and also so much of it all still so unforgivingly sitting in the way of the weekend.

In light of this, we suggest you do what Alex Rodriguez and other undeniably regular human people do—get some time outside, away from your Zoom meetings, and as the popular saying goes "refresh [your] batteries." Feel free to assume a normal stance as you do this! This is a little gift you can give yourself, this Wednesday and the next and the one after that.

That's better, isn't it?

Thank you for your continued support of Defector, and good luck with your batteries.

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