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This Is So Stupid

An Attempt To Draw This Overstuffed Sentence About Klay Thompson Leaving The Warriors

Klay Thompson #11, Andrew Wiggins #22, Jonathan Kuminga #00, and Stephen Curry #30 of the Golden State Warriors look on from the bench during the game against the Sacramento Kings during the 2024 Play-In Tournament
Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

In a twist, the sentence you're about to attempt to read was not written by Shams Charania. This tangled mess was found in the middle of an article written by The Athletic's Anthony Slater, who chronicled the split between Klay Thompson and the Golden State Warriors after 13 seasons. Try to follow along:

It’s been a layered five-year path to this divorce, splintering last season, sprouting earlier and finalizing in the last couple weeks, where — among the conversations Thompson had, league sources said — was a request of Stephen Curry not to exert his significant organizational influence and up the temperature with management to ensure Thompson’s return.

The Athletic

That's a doozy. So there's a layered path, some splintering and sprouting, then ... finalizing? Meanwhile, this path (which was falling apart and regrowing) was the place for conversations between Thompson and his now-former teammate Steph Curry. But it was headed toward divorce the whole time. Tragic.

Maybe it's easier to understand as an illustration. We tried that before, and it didn't work, but why not try it again? Here is Klay's Divorce, 2024, with pen and paper:

Illustration by the author

Hm, no, that doesn't help.

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