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American Flag Finally Put To Good Use At Sporting Event

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Last night, Appalachian State nearly upset the University of Miami, but the real action happened in the stands, when fans spotted a cat dangling by one claw from the upper deck.

A group of resourceful fans gathered below the flailing feline with the biggest thing they could find to fashion a landing pad for the cat: a spare American flag. They stretched out the flag like a mini pregame national anthem presentation, ready to complete this rescue with the symbol of our great nation.

Here's an even better angle of the fall. You can see Hard Rock Cat brace for impact with a spread eagle landing directly onto the flag. Miami Fan on the right totally crumbles under the weight of Hard Rock Cat, who could not be more than 20 pounds (he could never be a cheerleader with form like that), but the grand old flag was enough to slow down Hard Rock Cat's blistering speed so she could safely land on the level just below the flag.

Rescue landing pad for random stadium cat is likely not among the approved uses for the American flag, but this is absolutely the most utility an American flag at a sporting event has ever served.

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