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I don't have all that much to say about the Canadiens' 3-2 win to bring the series back to Montreal knotted at a game apiece. Carey Price was in fine form, stopping 29 shots. Tyler Toffoli extended his point streak to eight games. The Golden Knights missed some decent chances. Read a damn AP recap if you want to know about the game. Instead, let's stare deeply into the eyes of returning Habs defenseman Jeff Petry.

Ó̵͉̤Ḧ̵̦̩́ ̵̨͔̆D̶̥̎̾͝Ę̷̰̟̆͗͊Á̴̟̆͘R̷̢̳̳͑ ̶̢͆́̔G̷̻̤͊̈̕Ơ̵̝̿̔D̶̦̒̀̇!̷͉̟͙̒͝

Petry has been out a week and a half with an undisclosed "upper-body injury," revealed as multiple dislocated fingers on his left hand. His return to action was a bit of a surprise, as he didn't take part in line rushes in warm-ups, and wasn't listed on the lineup the team tweeted out 20 minutes before puck drop. But there he was, doing Jeff Petry things, playing 20-plus minutes, taking two shots, blocking two shots, and recording an assist. (Perhaps most importantly, Montreal's suspect third D pairing was able to play third-pairing minutes.) "We got a bounce" from Petry's return, said Corey Perry.

But the eyes. What's up with the eyes.

There was a little confusion over why Petry looked like the Twitter avatar of a guy who's getting really into cryptocurrency, with the Montreal Gazette chalking it up to the dreaded conjunctivitis. Fans speculated that it might be a side effect of anti-inflammatory drugs Petry was taking for his fingers. But Petry's wife Julie, in an Instagram story posted during the game, denied it was other of those, and not a hangover either.

"No, it's not allergies. No, it's not after a couple nights in Vegas. No, it's not bloodshot because he's tired. No, they don't hurt or bother him. All related to his 'upper body injury' but let me tell you he looks a lot better than he did a week ago.

"Also: No, it's not pink eye. No, it's not a reaction to an injection, anti-inflammatory, or pain medication. Look up subconjunctival hemorrhage. Pretty bad case of it due to what he's gone thru last week."

OK I looked it up and it's just a fancy way of saying broken blood vessels in the eyes, which, I KNOW THAT JULIE. That does not help! It's just as helpful as Carey Price, when asked just what the fuck is up with Petry's eyes, replied, "He's scary-looking."

Julie did say to keep the memes coming, and indeed, they're pretty good. I'm not gonna do that blog thing where I embed a bunch of memes, you're online, you know how to find them. This was cute though:

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