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A very weird, defensively unsound inning for the Padres against the Cubs this afternoon culminated in a painful-looking but also heads-up double play turned by shortstop Ha-Seong Kim, prompted by some wires crossed between him and left fielder Tommy Pham.

With the bases loaded and one out, Cubs catcher P.J. Higgins sent a blooper into shallow left that led to an ugly collision between Kim and Pham. Both would have to leave the game afterwards, but before that, Kim had the wherewithal to get the ball back into the infield, which ended the inning because all of the Cubs runners thought the ball had been caught.

This wasn't quite a case of all's well that ends well for the Padres, though. Pham, presumably upset by the miscommunication between him and his infielder, had to blow off some steam in the dugout afterwards.

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