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Sports Highlight Of The Day

The Sports Highlight Of The Day Is This Belgian Guy Parking His Car

The moment of truth
Screenshot: YouTube

What you are about to watch, which you could probably guess if you read the headline, is a two-minute video of an old guy parking a car in a garage. It's 11 years old and recently went viral again. His tiny garage offers just six centimeters (roughly two inches) of total clearance, yet he parks his red Fiat Panda without any problems. Wait until you see how he gets out.

"I cannot drive into the walls," 87-year-old Eugene Breynaert says, showing off the sponges he's glued to the wall to keep it from happening. Agreed, sir. As someone who has refused to pay for a city parking permit despite it really not being all that hard, I have had to move my car basically every two hours for the past four years. If this sounds "dumb as shit," well yes it is, but my point here is that I have become far too experienced at squeezing my car into tight spots. But I'm just an ant compared to a God like Breynaert.

Breynaert lived until 93. An obituary in a Belgian paper hailed him as "Belgium's best driver," and wrote that he "drove around with his red Fiat Panda until the end." Today we salute his achievement.

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