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The QVC Postgame Show Really Distills The NFL Experience

Two hosts on QVC shill coins

The Super Bowl is the biggest event in television. Football fans and sportsball haters alike tune in to see the plays, the commercials, the halftime show, whatever. It’s as close to a shared national experience as this country can manage, and is such a television event that other channels are able to get in on the action: The Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl (now called the Great American Rescue Bowl) are leveraged on the Super Bowl's ubiquity. And when the Super Bowl ends, real footballheads know to tune into the greatest post-game Super Bowl show there is: The one on QVC.

The fundamental plot to every QVC show is the same: A host attempts to sell you something. When you watch QVC you are doing nothing less than mainlining America. Sometime after the Super Bowl ends, each year QVC has a little show where they sell you the commemorative garbage that is printed up for the winners. (There is a big market for this stuff; I have a ton of crap from the Eagles’ Super Bowl win.) After a Super Bowl full of commercials selling a wide array of incomprehensible if not purely notional products, it was nice to just be directly sold some hastily printed imported crap made by Fanatics. I could understand that part.

There was a twist for last night’s QVC post-Super Bowl broadcast: Host Jennifer Coffey did not get to watch the Super Bowl, as she was on air during it. This meant she spent the broadcast learning facts about the game from a guest, Dave Spadaro. It was quite amusing. Also funny: In his day job, Spadaro is a man whose Twitter handle is @EaglesInsider. He’s worked for the team for years and once got in trouble for spitting on the Dallas Cowboys’ logo at their stadium. And yet here he was on television selling commemorative Rams coins and such. He’s apparently a regular QVC host for football-related products! The man is on way too many Eagles billboards to moonlight like this.

My favorite moment was, when attempting to sell a commemorative Rams Super Bowl coin, Spadaro noted that “the game doesn’t start without the coin flip, right?” I compiled a little supercut of the highlights below; my initial cut was 10 minutes, and I look forward to releasing The McQuade Cut at some point in the future, after years of intense fan lobbying. Enjoy!

Do they have an NFL postgame show every week? I could see tuning in for this.

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