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The Orioles Have Finally Gone Too Far

Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Imagine you are a fan of the Baltimore Orioles. You have already suffered through several seasons of anti-baseball, engineered by the team's shameless front office, and there is basically no reason at all, ever, to buy a ticket to a game. Ah, but then you glance at the schedule and notice that the Angels are coming to town for a three-game set, and that means that living legend Shohei Ohtani will be playing baseball in your city for three days. Of course you will snatch up some tickets and head to the game!

Now you are at the game, and of course the shit-ass Orioles are down 8-1 in the third inning. You've already seen Ohtani come to the plate twice (he struck out and flied out), but now here he comes again with two men on base. This is what you came to see! The mighty Shohei Ohtani standing in the box with runners on base, ready to hit the damn baseball really damn far. And then the Orioles decide to intentionally walk him.

What you are hearing in that clip is Orioles fans booing their own team for walking Ohtani while down 8-1 in the third. It's easy enough to chalk this up to Ohtani's greatness, but it also certainly has something to do with what Orioles fans have put up with over the last few years. Can you imagine a more cruel kick to the shin for that specific moment? The Orioles are trying to lose as many games as possible, and here they were presented with an opportunity to hasten toward that goal while also giving their fans an opportunity to see the coolest player in the world do some damage. Letting Ohtani hit and serving up a few meatballs is the least the Orioles could have done for their fans in that situation, and yet they had to find yet another way to shit on the people who still buy tickets and watch games on TV. Just retract this whole franchise.

The Orioles lost last night's game, 14-8. They have now lost 19 games in a row.

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