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The Bachelorette Ultimatum

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This isn’t a Halloween episode—last week’s foray into CSI camp was much spookier—but do not fear, there’s plenty to be haunted by in the newest installment in the Normal Gossip Universe. Recoil at the prospect of being one of 25 bridesmaids! Brace yourself for the inevitable and unending group chat! Spiral at the mere thought of coordinating a weekend bachelorette trip ... abroad! Behold, the holiday rental and shared itinerary with book clubbers, adult jocks, doctors and sorority sisters. Perhaps most terrifying of all? Discovering that you’ve got a “runner” in your midst, and it’s the bride. What else can one do in such circumstances than lean into the local traditions and obviously start drinking mimosas at 8 a.m.? It may be a recipe for disaster, but at this point is there really any other option?

Our guest this week is Jasmine Ellis! Jasmine is a stand-up comedian, entertainment journalist, and podcast host. If you saw Normal Gossip Live over the summer, you may remember Jasmine from our stop in Texas! She tours colleges and clubs nationally and has been featured at over a dozen of the top comedy festivals, including Moontower. Her debut comedy album, Trash Baby, went No. 1 on iTunes, and Jasmine's comedy special, Nobody's Queen, was awarded NPR's Bullseye Comedy Album of the Year.

Jasmine and Kelsey chatted about the similar patterns in feedback they receive from strangers, strategic name changes on DoorDash, and proper etiquette when overhearing small town tea. Then Kelsey told Jasmine the story we’ve been saving for her for months: the tale of an international bachelorette extravaganza absolutely overflowing with bridesmaids, sardines, and empathy. 

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(The transcript for this week’s episode can be found here.)

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