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The Average Interception Is About 10 Tweets, With Ben Rothenberg

Loathsome Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger hasn't officially retired, but he seems to have one foot out the door. We figured that would be a good prompt to speak to tennis writer Ben Rothenberg, who for years has been inundated by angry messages intended for the NFL player. If there was a Steelers game on and Big Ben was fucking up, Regular Ben would bear the brunt of it. In a way, it's given Rothenberg a direct psychic link to the Steelers' week-to-week performance, even if he never asked for this.

Rothenberg also discusses the security guard who somehow thought he was Roethlisberger in real life, disappointment at a car rental, the baby pics sent to him by Steelers fans, and the darker side of being mistaken for the quarterback online.

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