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Randy Bullock’s Doinks Were Bonks

2:36 PM EST on November 28, 2021

Randy Bullock missing a FG, with a BONK graphic superimposed over the screenshot
Image: CBS Sports

Isn’t it great when a football hits an upright? Sure, maybe not if it's your team kicking that field goal or extra point. But it’s funny! It seems hard to do—harder than making a field goal, at least. The term for a kicked football hitting an upright is generally a “doink.” Already widely used, it was further popularized by Cris Collinsworth when he called Cody Parkey’s double-doink in a 2018 playoff game; Collinsworth said he got the term from John Madden and not the wrestling clown.

But Randy Bullock’s missed extra point today was more of a bonk than a doink. Seriously! Check out this bonk in today’s game against the Patriots.

Bonk!!! Man, that was loud. And … wait, he did it again??

Are these uprights mic'd up? Does a doink become a bonk at a certain temperature, or maybe at a certain altitude? Depressingly, Bullock's third kick of the day, an extra point, went right down the middle and missed both uprights.

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