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Rams And Chargers Fans Celebrate First Game In New Stadium With A Big Ugly Fight

Chargers and Rams fans finally had their first chance to attend a game at their teams' shared new $5 billion football stadium this past Saturday, which the Los Angeles Times described as "enchanted." A few fans in attendance did their part to christen the new stadium by engaging in a protracted, bloody melee.

In the second quarter of Saturday's game, a big guy in an Aaron Donald jersey was in a screaming match with a large group of fans below him. His friend held him back as he repeatedly made jerk-off motions, and security had just arrived on the scene to presumably eject him. But someone threw a beverage at him right at the moment, so he turned around and immediately unloaded on the half-dozen fans he was arguing with. The brawl tumbled downward and outward, as his pal was also set upon by another fan.

A rewatch of the video reveals several important supporting characters. The mustachioed fan sitting right behind faux Aaron Donald had to protect his space, which led to the main character of the fight tumbling downwards and getting bloodied by his opponents. One of those opponents was the lady in the striped shirt, who enters the fray halfway through the video to gently pat him on the butt with what looks like a blue sports drink. However, alternate angles show that she sparked the violent part of the fight when she tossed a full soda on the Aaron Donald guy.

The author of the original video followed up with a few points of context: The Aaron Donald guy pushed someone "down three rows" before the start of the video, and the hostility began when a Chargers fan refused to stop yelling "Let's go Chargers!" One overhead view shows that the guy in the yellow shirt (on the left side of the original video) shut down the people who were supporting the Aaron Donald guy.

This is now a real NFL stadium.

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