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Purdue Calls In Large Teen To Retrieve Ball

zach edey knocks the ball off the top of the basket
Big Ten Network

With a minute to go in a nail-biter of a Big Ten tournament game today between Purdue and Ohio State, all eyes turned to an enormous dude sitting on the bench. While trying to extend their lead, the Buckeyes managed to bop the ball into a resting state on top of the backboard, grinding the game to a halt and forcing some creative thinking.

With the ball firmly stuck, the 7-foot-4 Purdue freshman Zach Edey gamely trotted off the sidelines to contribute his unique set of skills to the solution that the game needed to continue. The mop Edey uses to knock the ball loose looks long enough that any forward on the court probably could have done the same thing. But where's the fun in that?

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