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Marcus Maye’s Butt Pick Was The Only Thing That Went Right For The Jets Today

Marcus Maye of the New York Jets intercepts a ball by holding it against his butt.
Image via CBS

Adam Gase is publicly feuding with his own defensive coordinator, the lead running back is 37 years old, and there is absolutely no hope for the New York Jets today or any other day, but hey, they'll always have this butt interception by safety Marcus Maye, off a Ryan Fitzpatrick pass intended for Preston Williams.

Just appreciate this butt pick for what it is, because if you try to get into things like "context" and "reality," you'll discover that the Jets' subsequent drive ended when quarterback Joe Flacco took a 28-yard sack that turned a third-and-4 on Miami's 29-yard line into a fourth-and-32 well outside of field goal territory. Also, the Jets lost, 24-0. Sometimes it's OK to not see the butt for the cheeks.

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