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Jason Whitlock Made Some Important Points In Front Of Congress Today

4:33 PM EDT on September 24, 2020

Whitlock speaking to Congress
Screenshot: House Judiciary Committee

Former television host and anti-cyberhuman activist Jason Whitlock spoke in front of the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon as part of a panel called "Diversity in America: The Representation of People of Color in the Media." Actors Daniel Dae Kim, Edward James Olmos, and Erika Alexander all held forth thoughtfully. Because Jim Jordan is the ranking member of this committee, Whitlock was also invited speak about Cultural Marxism. Joy Villa, who gets photographed at the Grammy Awards every year in Trump-themed dresses, also testified. She made the case that conservatives ought to be a protected class.

Because we here at Defector believe in open dialogue and free discourse, we thought you should hear Whitlock's powerful message in his own words. Listen with your ears and perceive the message with your brain.

Video by Lauren Theisen

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