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Jaguars Cut Tim Tebow, For They Know Not What He Do

James Gilbert/Getty Images

Tim Tebow has yet again failed to be good at professional sports. After being signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars as a third-string tight end back in May, the team announced today that they are releasing him.

Tebow's career as a backup tight end may have been exponentially shorter than his careers as a starting quarterback and minor league baseball player, but it still managed to leave us with at least one precious memory.

Tebow, having crossed "quarterback," "baseball player," "tight end," and "virgin" off his personal list of things to be, is now left to figure out what the next stage of his life will look like. It's too early to make any predictions about what Tebow will try and fail at next, but there is one thing that is certain: No matter what he does decides to do poorly, plenty of people will be eager to congratulate him for trying.

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