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I have always been quick to tears. My little tear ducts are always ready to cry, be it at a very small cat in someone's window or at something horrible that just happened. I cry when I'm sad, and when I'm frustrated, and when I'm happy. It's very embarrassing to be honest. But I had never cried during the recording of Normal Gossip—until this week's episode.

Granted, I cried because the guest was crying; let's call it a solidarity cry. But we were both crying because the reveal at the end of this week's gossip is so funny that I have been laughing to myself about it quietly for weeks. It's just .... so much. Everyone is truly so creative!

Joining me this week is Dr. Eve L. Ewing. Ewing is a writer, scholar, and cultural organizer from Chicago. She also is an associate professor in the department of race, diaspora, and indigeneity at the University of Chicago. Currently, she is working on her next book, Original Sins: The (Mis)education of Black and Native Children and the Construction of American Racism.

Together, we discussed when something should or should not be called gossip, which dogs are the best Instagram follows, and the viral New Yorker article about philosophy professors learning about polyamory. Then we dove into this week's gossip story, which is a doozy about a girl who gets her first dog and wants to learn how to take care of it, but along the way she encounters the wild and strange world of her neighborhood's dog Facebook group.

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Also in this episode is a special announcement: We are going on tour this summer!! Tickets are available now, and we have added an extra show in both Boston and NYC!

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