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Innocent Children Forced To Sit There And Watch Meyers Leonard Cry

Screenshot: TMZ

Former Miami Heat backup center Meyers Leonard has kept things quiet since losing his job after using an antisemitic slur during a live Twitch stream. But that was more than three months ago, which means that some team of managers and public relations professionals has deemed now the time for Leonard to begin making his comeback. What's phase one of that process? Crying in front of some bewildered children.

TMZ has video of Leonard's visit to a Boca Raton Synagogue, where he gave a brief speech to a group of Jewish kids. "OK so, number one: this is what I want to get to," Leonard said. "I owe everyone, truly, a sincere apology." He then paused to wipe away tears from his eyes. TMZ described the scene as a "powerful moment."

Imagine you are a 12-year-old Jewish kid living in Boca Raton. One day, your rabbi tells you that there will be a special guest at the synagogue this week, and that fans of the Miami Heat won't want to miss him. That's great news! You love the Miami Heat! Maybe you'll get to meet Jimmy Butler, or Bam Adebayo, or even Tyler Herro. And then you arrive at the synagogue on the special day and you see ... Meyers Leonard?? And then he starts apologizing for something even though you barely have an idea why he's there or what he's talking about??? And then he starts crying?????

I hope someone took all those kids out for ice cream as a reward for sitting through that.

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