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Huge Annoying Dumbass Notes That Nobody Wants To Talk To Him About Being A Huge Annoying Dumbass

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If there's one thing that people are going to remember about Jack Del Rio's career as an NFL coach, it will be the time he put into motion a series of events that ended with his punter nearly chopping his own foot off with an axe inside the locker room. If anyone bothers to try remembering a second thing about him, it will be what a moron he is.

Del Rio, who is currently the defensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders, has been sending some tweets lately. Take one look at them, and you will immediately recognize the thoughts they contain as the type that can only be produced by a man who watches a lot of Fox News while wearing a golf visor indoors.

As easy as it is for you and me to ignore what Del Rio says and thinks, it's probably much harder for the people who have to go to work with him every day to just forget about the fact that they are taking orders from a guy who wants to know "the whole story" about the George Floyd protests and is a Seth Rich conspiracy theorist.

At a press conference today, Del Rio was asked about his recent tweets, and how they might lead to potential conflicts between himself and his not-insane colleagues. Del Rio brushed the question off, saying that he'd be happy to have a discussion with anyone else on the team about his political views, but that nobody has yet attempted to engage in such a discussion with him. Then he got busy defending his takes and describing the Jan. 6 riot as a "dust-up."

What we have here is someone who, like many Americans, has fallen into a feedback loop of being an unpleasant shithead who interacts only with unpleasant shitheads. Spend enough time saying wild and reprehensible things out loud—first at your own television set, then on the internet, and then into a microphone—and people around you will eventually make the wise decision to just steer clear of your whole deal. This of course just emboldens you to say more wild and reprehensible things, and then one day you're wondering why nobody wants to chat with you about the "woke mind virus." Your players just want to get through their defensive drills, man. It's not their job to have a dialogue with you about just exactly how much pudding is in your skull.

Update (5:56 p.m. ET): Del Rio has issued an apology of sorts on Twitter.

Very sincere! Thank you, sir.

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